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Terry Howson began her artistic career as an Interior Designer and worked in many homes within the UK, Europe and the USA. Following the end of her marriage to the artist Peter Howson, Terry moved to France, where she lived for almost ten years rehabilitating and refurbishing an 18th Century townhouse in Plombieres Les Bains in Alsace Lorraine.

Upon her return to Scotland in 2009 she set up a successful furniture restoration and Shabby Chic business in the Scottish Borders. In 2015, she moved on from that life and dedicated herself to painting, not furniture this time, but real paintings.

You can find Terry’s work in local exhibitions and can join her huge following on Twitter and Facebook where she is known as Indy Poster Wummin – a source of many commissions for her.

Terry is highly politically motivated and uses her art skills to further the cause for Independence. Because of the lockdown this year she has devoted herself almost entirely to working digitally and recently began writing a novel in Glaswegian patois which she is illustrating. The working title at the moment is A Wee Story for Big Weans.

 At Terry’s exhibitions you will find a tin to collect money for the homeless, which she calls ‘Art for Folk’s Sake’ as well as small prints of drawings of homeless folk which people can have for a donation. Typically, she gives 10% of all her profits to homeless charities, but this has been a lean year as you can imagine.

When discussing her work, Terry says “I am the happiest I have ever been because I am drawing and painting again and would love to introduce others to the joy and mindfulness it creates”.

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