Doug Moir

'Travel beyond the face and find a story.'

This is a collection of portraits introducing characters which the
artist intends to use in short stories and novels, which he is
currently working on.
Many of these portraits have evolved from strangers the artist has
come across in his travels.
Train and bus journeys, bars and cafes provide a great source of
inspiration. People watching has become a favourite pastime.
Armed with a little sketch book there is always a new face to enter
into the artist’s life, a constant source of material, and every one so
very different.
To look into someone’s eyes and find the past feels so moving and
motivating for the artist.
The artist continues to talk to people wherever he goes and
records their stories.
Moir, a spy of human nature, of a kind, looking where no one else
would dare, and pinching information and moments from people’s
Looking down to his sketch book and drawing the face of his latest
encounter. Once rested upon these faces, the stories would begin
to take on something very different. Transforming their words into
his own mind of twisting tales. A new world of fantasy begins and
then we can start the story.
This exhibition is in memory of Alistair Moir, a much loved father
who taught his son to draw, and so starting the story.

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