Emma Booth

'Life Laundry'

Working in abstraction allows me to capture thoughts and feelings that cannot be put into words. My reflective and mindful journey is often represented through certain colours and shapes, that mean much more than the label they are given. By making these uncertainties into a tangible form and expanding my painting away from the constraints of a stretched canvas, I can begin to deconstruct and bring order to my world, as I know it to be.

After venturing in the world of yellow and purple, pink is where my most recent journey has taken me. Being in a place that can only be described as a tumble dryer of emotions, has been a difficult one to apply a colour too. My affinity to pink though is a positive experience and during turbulent times it is important to focus on the good because the bad does not last forever.

‘Pink it’s my new obsession. Yeah, pink it’s not even a question…’ – Steven Tyler

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