Rosalind Lawless


My practice is strongly influenced by my immediate surroundings. I use commonplace imagery to organise the pictorial space, using forms that occupy and give perspective within the substrate, most recently working with linen, perspex and migrating back to paper. Developing work in this way, thinking beyond the function of the substrate has allowed me to utilise such materials as true-grain and acetate in an unfamiliar way resisting the subjective rules. I continue to explore the imagined and observed within architecture through the process of layering, repetition, cutouts and washout.  Continually exploring the detail and form within architecture, intricate lines, structures and vast space.

Physical environment of place is concrete inspiration, the subjective experience of being in a new place. The work revolves around a sense of history, of the spaces that inspire and the history of the journey making the work – leading me to chance compositions, accidental, intuitive and always finding in amongst the making.

Experimenting with wall placement and materials such as paper, true grain and linens; whether they protrude from the wall or come off the wall altogether or become part of the floor space. This examination of the architectural elements of the gallery space and the work itself has informed this new body of work.

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