Stephen Scott

'Throwing Stones'

As a self-taught acrylic artist I have been painting for 4 years now. Most of my artwork over that period has been commission based, finding homes throughout the UK and Europe, but I am now strictly focusing on bringing my own  imagery to the canvas. I gain my inspiration from modern contemporary artists such as Hopper and Vettriano, I love the way that they capture the atmosphere of a moment by their interpretation of light tones meeting dark in their art. I also enjoy the stencilised art of Banksy. Though sometimes considered controversial, his talent in using a minimal image that can convey a thousand words is there for all to see. My hometown of Glasgow will feature strongly in my future work, mostly its buildings and it’s people, in my attempt to capture and portray its heart. I feel it is now the right time for me to show a strength in my own acrylic artwork. Exciting times.

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