Become a tutor

Why become a tutor for Helensburgh Art Hub?

Do you have a passion for creativity? Do you have a skill you would love to share?

Then becoming a tutor with Helensburgh Art Hub could be just what you are looking for.

Helensburgh Art Hub is a social enterprise.  Our vision is for our local residents to achieve their full potential by providing creative opportunities which benefit mental health and well-being, social development, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. 

We are a not for profit organisation.  You can support our organisation by tutoring as a volunteer.  We have a range of voluntary tutors.

Or you can tutor to generate income for yourself as well as the Art Hub.  Using this model, the Art Hub charges 25% commission on the proceeds of all workshops.

All profits from our workshops are used by Helensburgh Art Hub to achieve our social aims.

Drawing from our years of experience and expertise we will guide you through how to design a viable workshop suitable for either indoors, outdoors or online.

Using our registration and induction programme we will ensure you have all relevant experience, safeguarding advice, background checks and risk assessment for you and your workshops.

We will advertise and promote your workshop on social media platforms, magazines and publications and advise you on how to advertise via social media to get the best response possible for your workshop.

To join our team of skilled and professional tutors offering the benefits of creativity to our community and beyond please ‘contact us’.