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Ania Blasinska is an artist from Poland, living and working in Helensburgh. 

As a child she had a natural flair for painting. It was quickly noticed by her teachers who encouraged her creativity and used her work as an example to fellow pupils.  Art has been a part of her life ever since. She was drawn to the spirituality of the natural world and felt compelled to express this via the medium of painting. This can still be seen today in her paintings of animals, flowers and studies of natural beauty.  She has been hugely inspired by the experience of the Scottish countryside. 
Ania's style is a mix of intention and intuition. Over time and with experience her canvases have become more vivid, colours brighter, and compositions simplified and lightened. Her favourite medium is oil  paints. She enjoys the practise of discovering new colours by mixing different ones together.
Ania loves to be  connected  with nature. She feels this every day through the sun light, water and stones on the beach.
Her intention is to create bits of happiness daily. Through her artwork, she get to spread these bits of joy, peace, inner light and fantasy all around the world. 

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