Collection: Moira Buchanan

Moira is a Glasgow-based painter and creative. Most of her work is produced at her studio in the East end of the city.

Currently the majority of her work is focused on organic subjects, mainly of the natural world. Her painterly technique centres on the layering process. Her work is an example of simple and unrestrained movement of brush effects, and at times, use of alternative objects to gain texture in her work. This, with her passion for colour makes her work stand out within the artistic environment.

As well as showcasing her paintings in numerous exhibitions throughout Scotland, she has worked on projects collaborating with other artists including poets, photographers, sound and video artists, to paper and bookbinding. And before the pandemic she was working with glass artists on fused glass and stained glass projects. Mostly on a voluntary basis to learn first-hand the principles of creative glass. Upcoming projects include a collaboration with an independent watch designer and manufacturer.

Moira’s work reaches out into different creative fields. She finds working on various practices inspiring, and intuitive to her artistic profession.

Paintings by Moira at the Helensburgh Art Hub are a good representation of her professional practice. These works are presented in oils on canvas. They are her own depiction of how she sees the natural world, today.

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