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From an early age, Neil found drawing and painting to have been a source of immense pleasure and escapism.

With a keen interest in creative comic strip writing and illustration, The Beano, The Broons, Oor Wullie and fantasy publications such as 2000AD were sources of great inspiration when he was a young boy. He was therefore delighted when he was commissioned to create the cover for the 2001 and 2003 edition of The Beano.

It is Neil’s opinion that art should be inclusive and fun – elements he ensures are foremost at both his private and local, council-run art classes. He firmly believes that art can be a means of social interaction, delight and enjoyment for all - regardless of age, ability, wealth or health. 

Alongside his classes, Neil undertakes more elaborate commission work, bringing a sense of texture and illumination to his work, while still maintaining that vibrancy and enthusiasm that those early comic strips evoked. This work is currently on show in various galleries around Scotland as well as in private collections.

Neil has worked frequently 'en plein aire' both at home or in Cornwall, whose rugged coastline has been another source of inspiration for him, both in recent years and as a boy.

You can also often find Neil at corporate events, social occasions or on a commission basis at fairs indulging in his first love - creating comic strips and caricatures. This is very much a face to face situation with the added bonus of meeting and interacting directly with anyone who shares his delight in Art.

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